Updated 20/09/2020

    The 8051 Machine is a freeware simulator for microcontrollers of the 8051/8052 standard. The current version is a beta release. Please contact me (see readme.txt) in case you find bugs.


  • Full support of 8051/8052 standard
  • Both bin- and hex-files are supported
  • Breakpoints and single step operation for easy debugging
  • All registers, ports, internal and external RAM can be modified manually
  • Serial I/O terminal for complete control of serial traffic and manual data input
  • Disassembly export
  • Additional simulation of 7-segment-LEDs and a keypad


    The examples are all made for the standard configuration.
    led.hex (optional LED)- If you press a key on the 4x2 keypad a counter will be increased and displayed on the 7-segment-LEDs.
    serial.hex (optional Serial)- Enter data through the serial i/o terminal and see it displayed on the 7-segment-LEDs.

Ideas for future versions
  • Max. stack depth analysis
  • Data in-/output between files and ports
  • "Real" serial communication

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